Fly Fishing in Mid Wales



  1. The permit is to fish for one rod only in the name of the permit holder, and is not transferable.
  2. The permit holder must also have a current and appropriate Environment Agency rod licence, and observe the regulations and bye-laws of the authority, and co-operate fully with their bailiffs should the need arise.
  3. Only fly fishing is permitted unless prior written authority has been obtained from the fishery manager. (Fly fishing is defined as fishing with artificial wet or dry fly or nymph, using centre-pin reel, fly rod and fly line.)
  4. Maximum number of any species of fish to be removed on any day is three brace(see notes). Catch and Release using barbless hooks is preferred.
  5. Records of catches shall be entered on the card provided and a return made at the end of the year.
  6. The Fishery will accept no responsibility for he actions of the permit holder who shall be solely responsible for any claim for damage or nuisance caused by him or her to the riparian owners or any third party.
  7. The Fishery shall not be responsible for any injury or accident to any person authorised to fish, whilst on the Fishery, or going to or from the same.
  8. The permit holder must undertake to observe proper etiquette towards fellow anglers at all times , and to adhere to the Country Code with regard to litter, gates, fires etc., and to leave behind no broken line or other tackle which might maim wildlife.
  9. The Fishery reserves the right to cancel a permit without refund should these conditions be deliberately contravened.


The number of season permits is restricted to 10. There are also three discretionary day permits available to permit holders who may wish to take a companion fishing. these need to booked in advance (£10:00)
In addition to brown trout, the R.Vyrnwy normally holds sizeable grayling and ocasional species of coarse fish including chub. As the Fishery is conservation minded, we do not wish to eliminate these species...they can provide good sport on a fly line at times when game fish are showing little activity. If fish are not required for the table, please handle with care and release them unharmed.


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