Spring Jointed Landing Handle

antique landing net pic old landing net photograph

Approximate dimensions:
length folded: 34"
length extended: 67.5"

Hoop: 15" x12" composed of bent cane sections secured by brass ferrules and counters.

Shaft: made of hardwood

Origin: Unknown, probably English

Kindly loaned by Bob Swinhoe

Comments: Illustrated in Fig.4 Plate V (above),
and also on the embossed gilt dec.cover of "The Scientific Angler" by D Foster, London & Derby 1882.
The hinge joint is illustrated on page 25 "The Modern Angler" by Otter, L upcott Gill, London 1898",   as is the adjacent brass hook on the handle   "by which it can be hung on the strap of the basket or haversack".

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