Last updated April 11th 2001

Not all the exhibits here are strictly "antique".   Some are merely "oldish" and included for historical interest, or collectibility.

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Leather Fly Wallet -- AKA The Tod Flybook
Leather Covered Bottle
Wheatley Aluminium Flip-top Fly Box
Wheatley Aluminium Fly & Cast Box
Brass Mould for Fishing Weights
Aluminium Box for Gut Casts
Line Winder / Line Drier
Spinning Baits etc
Spring Jointed Landing Handle
Dolphin Cuttyhunk line
Wicker Creel
Hill's Cast Carriers
Milwards "Flycraft" Fly Line


Hardy Bros Greenheart Salmon Fly Rod
Hardy Bros Greenheart Trout Fly Rod
MacPherson Greenheart Salmon Fly Rod
Martin James, "Shannon" Salmon Fly Rod

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