Leather Fly Wallet

Approximate dimensions:
13.3cm x9cm x4.5cm
Leather bound fly book, with parchment pockets and two felt pads. Contains 2 quill floats, a line threader, eyeless salmon hooks attached to gut and nylon, gut-attached trout and salmon flies, several packets of Stewart and Pennel worming tackle hooks nylon-attached.
Possibly Francis Walbran of Leeds
The Tod Flybook

"....Many years ago I gave it a certain amount of consideration, and, acting upon my suggestions, Mr Francis Walbran, of Leeds, brought out and christened "The Tod Flybook".
The book is covered with solid calf leather, the cover pockets being also of leather. Instead of being fitted with parchment leaves, I had pockets of parchment used to interleave the whole book, which makes it extremely commodious.
It has, moreover, got two most useful felt pads, instead of flannel or serge leaves, for holding droppers and other odds and ends. Of course it has the usual places for scissors etc. It is a serviceable and perfectly plain flybook, but whether it is for sale still, I do not really know."

E.M.Todd, Wet Fly Fishing, 1903, Sampson Low, Marston & Co. London. p170

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